The Rule of Law Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic - 2nd Phase (ROLPRO 2)

Component 1: Modernisation of the legislative process

The aims of Component 1 are twofold: to modernise the legislative process at government level and make it more inclusive and transparent on the one hand and to improve the access to justice on the other. Besides improvement of specific pieces of legislation, the Programme supports efforts to digitalise the legislative drafting procedure, to improve the legislative drafting framework through new guidelines and to develop the professional skills of legislative drafting experts, as well as to strengthen the involvement of the civil society in the drafting procedure through a new digital platform for public discussions. To ensure a better access to justice, the Programme supports the further institutional development of the FLA system and the Bar Association, as well as the development of professional skills. Additionally, the Programme promotes the development of the relationship between courts and the media by strengthening the skills of court spokespersons, journalists and judges, supports the improvement of legal services delivered to vulnerable groups and assists the Parliament in strengthening its oversight capacity and anti-corruption functions.

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