The Rule of Law Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic - 2nd Phase (ROLPRO 2)

Programme objectives

The Programme aims to support judicial reform in the Kyrgyz Republic. The main objective of the Programme is to improve justice and the rule of law, strengthen the capacity of executive bodies and the ability of citizens to assert their rights by modernizing the legislative process and improving the performance of the judiciary and the prosecutor's office.

“The Rule of Law Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic - 2nd Phase (ROLPRO 2)” funded by the European Union, is a continuation and enhancement of the Project “Promotion of the Rule of Law in the Kyrgyz Republic”. The Programme is flexible and based on the needs of state institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic by strongly considering at the same time gender and human rights issues as well as the opinions of the Civil Society. Partner institutions contribute directly to the identification of specific priorities. These priorities provide the basis for the elaboration of regularly updated Action Plans, which then are approved by the Steering Committee, comprised of Kyrgyz state institutions, the EU Delegation and partner institutions of EU member states.

Programme partners

- Ministry of justice

- Office of the Government

- Supreme Court (including Court Department; Press office, local courts, Adilet Sot)

- Constitutional Chamber

-  Bar Association and notaries

- Civil Society / Public Councils / Small Public Councils

- Training centres for Judges, Prosecutors and Attorneys

- Disciplinary commission; Council of judges; Council for selection of judges

- Ombudsman Institution

- General Prosecutor’s Office

- Committee on constitutional legislation, state structure, legal-judicial issues and regulations of the Jogorku Kenesh (Parliament).

- Committee on legal order and combatting corruption of the JK

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